Premium Business Subscriptions for Its Proprietary Mobile Commerce and Geo-Marketing Platform Jump 500 Percent

Searchable in the Press February 2018 Premium Business Subscriptions for Its Proprietary Mobile Commerce and Geo-Marketing Platform Jump 500 Percent

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Feb. 2018, Deep Rock Ventures, Inc. – On the heels of the release of their very first commercial, which started airing last month, has been signing up businesses in Southern California to its mobile commerce and geo-marketing platform at an increased rate of 500%. Touting a simple and effortless user interface, Searchable's proprietary consumer to business application provides businesses with a direct and affordable mobile marketing platform to generate immediate revenue, with no added fees or commissions tacked on.

A mobile marketing platform that lets businesses keep all the money they make is virtually unheard of among online deal and marketing sites, and with mobile commerce revenue expected to reach $2.5 trillion this year alone, you can see why businesses are clamoring to sign on. The Searchable Platform helps businesses of all sizes effectively and affordably promote their products and services to mobile shoppers. It delivers a powerful interactive and commercial experience between local businesses and mobile consumers regardless of their geographic location.

The commercials airing in the Los Angeles region are part of Searchable's overall marketing strategy to acquire critical mass within a concentrated area, taking a two-pronged approach that requires getting businesses that are looking to advertise directly to mobile consumers signed up on the platform, and simultaneously drawing mobile shoppers to the Searchable Consumer app to engage with those businesses.

A short sign up form gives businesses access to Searchable Premium and access to thousands of mobile shoppers who may be looking for their business. With Searchable's multi-faceted marketing platform, businesses can promote themselves in a multitude of ways, with plans and services to meet all of their mobile marketing needs.

The Searchable Platform is available on web and mobile and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

About is a technology startup founded and based in Thousand Oaks, California. Along with the consumer and business apps, has other innovative products in development that will reinforce the company's position as a pioneer in the interactive mobile commerce platform space. For more information, visit


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