in the Press |'s Television Commercial Directed to Businesses Airs in the Los Angeles Market's Television Commercial Directed to Businesses Airs in the Los Angeles Market

Searchable in the Press January 2018's Television Commercial Directed to Businesses Airs in the Los Angeles Market

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Jan. 2018, Deep Rock Ventures, Inc. – released their very first commercial touting the company’s innovative mobile geo-marketing platform. The commercial, which began airing this month in the highly populated Los Angeles market, is directed towards businesses that are looking for additional avenues to assist them in generating more revenue. In this day and age, an easy to use mobile marketing service that helps overwhelmed business owners, who are most likely cash-strapped and not tech-savvy, is highly attractive, not to mention, overdue.

The Searchable Platform, at its core, is an advanced, proprietary geolocation technology and marketing application that directly connects businesses of any size with mobile consumers in any area. As a geo-marketing tool, the technology enables businesses to engage consumers with highly relevant messages and offers, based on their current location and preferences. The business owner can create a virtual marketing fence (or geo-fence) around a specific location or point they wish to target. Searchable's geo-marketing system is a highly customizable communication technology that enables enhanced personalization with precise delivery of promotions and advertisements.

The commercial itself directs business owners, who are interested in getting more customers and making more money, to visit where a short sign up form gives them access to Searchable Premium for a limited time. Almost immediately, businesses have an opportunity to gain a direct connection to mobile shoppers and maximize their revenue potential. With Searchable's Premium service and different service plans, businesses can effectively and affordably promote their businesses to mobile shoppers. Whatever their business size and marketing goals, Searchable has a plan that’s just right for them.

The Searchable Platform for Businesses is available on web and mobile and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Watch the commercial here.

About is a technology startup founded and based in Thousand Oaks, California. Along with the consumer and business apps, has other innovative products in development that will reinforce the company's position as a pioneer in the interactive mobile commerce platform space. For more information, visit


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