The Mobile Commerce Platform Goes Live! – Innovative Technology Will Revolutionize Real-time Consumer to Business Marketing

Searchable in the Press October 2016

The Mobile Commerce Platform Goes Live!

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Oct. 2016, Deep Rock Ventures, Inc. – announced today the release of a proprietary software application that connects small and medium businesses with mobile consumers, in real-time.

“The app is effortlessly simple, with an uncluttered user interface and easy-to-navigate format,” said Frank Rice, founder and CEO of Deep Rock Ventures, Inc. and creator of “It provides users with an innovative platform where they can conduct mobile commerce on-demand with their handheld devices.”

Searchable will serve as a long overdue solution for local businesses looking to reach new audiences. The platform streamlines digital marketing, and will help member businesses become more economically sustainable by connecting them with the growing mobile commerce community.

With Searchable’s consumer to business application, mobile customers are provided instant access to local businesses, along with the power to negotiate a fair price. Now, local companies have the ability to interact directly with mobile consumers, delivering an immediate revenue source for their businesses. Rice and his team have always believed that mobile technology and social networking should empower local businesses and mobile consumers to interact directly, not through third party aggregators.

While the platform has been in various stages of development over the last several years, today Searchable steps out of its beta version and goes live, making an affordable mobile marketing solution available to millions of businesses around the world.

About is a technology startup founded and based in Thousand Oaks, California. Along with the consumer and business apps, has other innovative products in development that will reinforce the company's position as a pioneer in the interactive mobile commerce platform space. For more information, visit


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