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Searchable in the Press October 2016

No Middle Man Required – Begins Signing Up Businesses to Their Platform

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Oct. 2016, Deep Rock Ventures, Inc. – Less than a week after unveiling its mobile commerce service, has begun signing up businesses across the country to its platform. Touting a simple and effortless user interface, Searchable’s proprietary consumer to business application provides businesses a direct and affordable source by which to generate immediate revenue, with no third party or middle man taking a portion of the earnings.

With 90%-plus of the world’s population expected to engage in mobile commerce by next year, including 420 - 510 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) globally, mobile commerce revenue is expected to reach 2.5 trillion dollars or more by 2018. The Searchable app delivers a powerful interactive and communicative experience between local SMBs and mobile consumers regardless of their geographic location. The app works on a global network, making all local businesses within selected areas of interest available. It can connect either nearby people, or the on-the-go person searching for a deal with the desired business.

“Our goal is for mobile consumers to spark interactive connections directly with local businesses that will provide them both with unrivaled value, convenience and more meaningful unity, said Frank Rice, founder and CEO of,”

A major focus of Searchable’s marketing strategy has been acquiring critical mass within a city or region. To this end, the team is taking a two-pronged approach, signing up businesses looking to advertise directly to mobile consumers, as well as having mobile users download and engage with the Searchable app to connect with businesses that have already signed up.

Searchable provides a free solution to all businesses in need of more affordable options in online commerce and advertising. A mobile-responsive website can help owners promote and market their businesses to customers searching in their area.

“Small, independent businesses are the backbone of our country,” Rice continued. “In order to help businesses keep more money in their pockets where it belongs, makes it easy to promote and market their business and get their business online and mobile.”

About is a technology startup founded and based in Thousand Oaks, California. Along with the consumer and business apps, has other innovative products in development that will reinforce the company's position as a pioneer in the interactive mobile commerce platform space. For more information, visit


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