Our Searchable Team

Our Searchable Team

These are the core people who make Searchable what it is

Frank Rice
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Deep Rock Ventures, Inc. (DRV), Frank is the visionary behind the proprietary technology driving the mobile marketing platforms, applications and Patents to be delivered by DRV.

Frank brings over 30 years of business entrepreneurial experience and leadership skills, as well as a visionary in both internet and web based technologies. Frank is a founding pioneer in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry, leading his team from 1997 through 2000 to build and launch one of the first nationwide private VoIP infrastructures in the United States. VoIP is a highly innovative and disruptive technology that became instrumental in eviscerating long distance charges, which saved consumers tremendous sums of money. This technological breakthrough sparked a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, including the acquisition one of Frank’s business relationships and major equipment providers for 24 Billion dollars.

Beginning in 2000 and for several following years, Frank spent much of his time as an angel investor, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor in various other business ventures. In early 2007 until mid 2008, Frank assisted another organization in Internet Technology and the sales of Web Based Education for one of the world’s largest online ecommerce training companies. He was responsible for a 300% growth in his region within the first year.

Recognizing an insatiable demand in the exploding area of mobile commerce and other web-based properties, Frank embraced his entrepreneurial spirit once again moving forward in 2011 with the design, development and implementation of a new business model. Searchable.com presents an easy and affordable solution for the small and medium business (SMBs) owner community to advertise and market to the growing number of mobile consumers.

Over the last several years, Frank's vision is to deliver a highly affordable, socially interactive, mobile marketing platform to the world of SMBs. The Searchable.com platform empowers businesses with the ability to promote and compete for mobile consumers in this growing marketplace seamlessly. Searchable.com delivers a socially interactive mobile commerce platform directly connecting mobile consumers and local businesses in real time without the use of third party aggregators and others alike, thus creating economic sustainability on a global scale unlike any other platform currently available.

Lauren Straus
Managing Director

Lauren V. Straus oversees strategic initiatives and business operations for Deep Rock Ventures. She leads product development for Searchable, and works closely with marketing partners. Prior to DRV, Ms. Straus was involved in the formation, growth and consulting of startups across a range of verticals. She co-founded software startups in the health and education spaces, led operations for a logistics company, and consulted for various wellness and lifestyle brands. Ms. Straus holds a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Northwestern University, as well as project management certifications.

Joseph Testa
Chief Technical Officer

Joe Testa provides technical oversight and system administration for Searchable, working with the MEAN stack. He helps the team plan and develop services to provide a new mobile shopping experience that connects SMBs with their local customers. He has installed and configured MongoDB & ElasticSearch clusters and snapshots, configured Node, NGINX and Apache HTTP servers, migrated, backed up and restored Wordpress sites. Joe also has over fifteen years working on the web with significant experience in software development in BrightScript, PHP, Perl, HTML, XML, MySQLWebsite and database planning and development. He has worked with system, server and network architecture and construction; project planning and documentation of business requirements; online business development, domain administration and SEO operations. He has considerable experience with Ubuntu Server, Postfix, PFSense, BigBrother, Template Toolkit, VMWare ESXi, LSI 3ware RAID Controllers, Open-e DSS, AWS and more.

Erik Repich
Senior Developer

Erik Repich is a key engineer consulting through ChiTex Business Solutions for Searchable.com. Erik is an accomplished senior-level programmer and technology expert with more than 23 years of solid programming, operations, strategic-planning, business-expansion and lead management experience on many programs and projects.

Erik is an effective communicator and relationship-builder that excels both in collaborating with interdepartmental groups, as well as a self-contained expert consultant working individually one-on-one with clients through all phases of the project, consistently resulting in extraordinary outcomes.

As a motivated achiever and visionary leader and highly capable change-agent who consistently refines and revitalizes strategies and procedures, introduces innovation, designs change, and facilitates solutions-driven team collaboration with solid record of revenue creation and cost reductions that exceed customer expectations. Erik is an enthusiastic problem-solver with keen ability to rapidly assess diverse situational challenges, develop action plans, and lead team to meet or exceed targeted goals.

Thomas Stein
Senior Developer

Thomas Stein is a key engineer and patent inventor for Searchable. Thomas creates and maintains Searchable.com's Websites, Android Applications, Promotional Videos, Commercials, and Radio Spots. As a full-stack developer with language proficiencies in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, LESS, EJS, Angular, PHP, Java, and various database systems such as MongoDB, MySQL and Redis, Thomas is familiar with many popular services and APIs such as Google, Facebook and PayPal to name a few. He also manages the operation of several Node.js servers and Git repositories. Thomas also makes use of his technical creativity with the Adobe Suite, notably After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, and Illustrator. With a passion for learning, Thomas is always improving his skill set and believes there are no problems, only solutions.

Joshua Campbell
Senior Developer

Sean Casey
Intellectual Property Attorney

Sean M. Casey serves Searchable.com as an outside intellectual property attorney with the Buchalter law firm, specializing in several distinct technology areas, with a strong background in mechanical and electro-mechanical design engineering, as well as software engineering. Mr. Casey also presently serves as outside and de facto in-house counsel for a number of Fortune 200 companies. Working earlier in his career, he managed large technology portfolios as in-house intellectual property counsel for one of the world's largest aerospace companies, and in other roles as a computer consultant and contract software engineer, he managed a software development and hardware integration consulting business where he designed, deployed, and maintained customized software applications, networks, and hardware for large and small businesses.

He also served as a design engineer for the McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Space and Defense Systems Division (now Boeing) where he was responsible for the design, analysis, integration, and testing of a variety of components and mechanisms for national and defense engineering projects including the International Space Station, where several of his components are now on orbit. There he expanded his expertise in additional engineering disciplines including the analyses of strength, thermal, and electrical properties of materials, components, and mechanisms. Subsequently, he also worked as a patent agent while in law school and then as a patent attorney for a top California firm, where he prepared and prosecuted applications, drafted legal opinions, and litigated patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret actions to a wide variety of clients.

Mr. Casey received a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in aerospace engineering from the Boston University College of Engineering, where he was elected to Tau Beta Pi. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

Professional Responsibilities:

Mr. Casey has concentrated exclusively in intellectual property law and specializes in the prosecution and litigation of domestic and foreign patents, trademarks, copyrights, and in the resolution of unfair competition and trade secret matters in the mechanical, electrical, computer (hardware and software), and biomedical technology areas. His intellectual property experience has included preparation, prosecution, and litigation of technologies that include advanced intra- and extracorporeal medical devices including minimally invasive surgical instruments, biotechnological systems and processes, compositions, and devices; computer hardware and software systems and components; Internet and e-commerce-related inventions; and a wide array of circuits, electronics, machines, systems, and devices, related to the steel, automotive, petroleum, agriculture, food preparation and processing, medical device, cell culture, material handling, and consumer products industries.