Bridging mobile shoppers directly with community businesses has developed a patented on-demand mobile advertising and shopping platform empowering both mobile shoppers and small and medium businesses to directly connect, communicate, and transact any purchase on the best advertised or requested product, service, gift card or discounted voucher between the small and medium businesses and mobile shoppers all in real-time!'s app works on a proprietary network making small and medium businesses available within selected geographic and category areas of interest regardless of the geographic location of the mobile shopper.

The US Patent Office has granted the first three of's patents:

U.S Patent No. 9,288,617
U.S Patent No. 9,420,422
U.S Patent No. 9,571,969

The Patents are directed to our exclusive technology with additional Patents pending and being filed as we continue to expand our developments in technology.

A solution to empower our community businesses to grow is now available


Deep Rock Ventures, Inc.

Up to $4,000,000
$2.00 per Share of Common Stock
Minimum Investment: $20,000

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