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A Socially Interactive, One-to-Many, On-Demand, Two Way Geobroadcasting Mobile Commerce Platform Directly Bridging Businesses and Shoppers, All in Real-Time!

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Local Community Businesses truly are the backbone of America. It’s as simple as that. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) make up 99.7 percent of U.S. businesses and employ nearly 50 percent of its workforce. In a 2016 report, the Local Search Administration (LSA) states that SMBs have been responsible for more than 60 percent of all job growth in the United States over the past decade and a half. At the same time, the LSA observed a worrisome trend that “a large percentage of SMBs are not keeping pace with changes in the market and consumer behavior.” Google searches including the phrase “near me” have increased more than 34 times since 2011, with mobile becoming the primary platform for consumer local search behavior. However, between the cost of advertising and the prominence of large national and international corporations, competitive pricing and effective digital marketing has become nearly impossible for community businesses.

With mobile devices commanding increasing amounts of attention in our everyday lives and workplaces, Searchable created a way to help independent business owners. Our team developed a proprietary application that connects small and medium businesses with mobile consumers, aiming to level the playing field for SMBs. Our easy-to-use, two-way, one-to-many, live push and receive, geolocation-based mobile advertising and shopping application makes life easier for both consumers and businesses. Through our platform, businesses can create and advertise competitively priced deals, offering mobile shoppers unrivaled value, while generating commission free sales revenue in real-time. Additionally, our patented geotargeting technology will help SMBs accurately target customers by location, a critical feature for companies in today’s mobile-centric landscape. The market research firm BIA Kelsey predicts that location-targeted advertising will grow from $12 billion to $32 billion by 2020, while mobile ad spending will more than double from $33 billion to $72 billion. Rather than getting left behind, aims to help local businesses capitalize on these industry-wide technological changes.

For consumers, Searchable empowers mobile shoppers to acquire custom deals on-demand. Consumers can discover new businesses relevant to their selected interests, shop from any location, reach out to multiple businesses simultaneously in any area, chat with them directly, and receive several offers to redeem. Businesses on the platform immediately see consumers’ inquiries, respond and chat directly, essentially bidding for your business and creating a more personalized and human shopping experience. In this mobile age, Searchable recognizes mobile shoppers are looking to their smartphones for all of their needs and that is where businesses need to be.

Current Problems in Mobile Marketing and Shopping

Mobile Shoppers


Mobile shoppers are always on the hunt for the best offer available.


Local deal purchasing has become difficult with all the different and confusing third party aggregators.


There is no app available to request custom deals on-demand directly from multiple SMBs in any area, at anytime.

Business Owners


Cost is too high for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to effectively use geomarketing in real-time.


Location marketing services are hard and even impossible to change or reverse a campaign.


There is no platform available with complete flexibility and without difficulty to access or use.

The Searchable Solution

For Businesses

Socially interact with new and future customers

Create and deliver competitive offers to mobile shoppers anywhere in the world

Targeted Broadcasts - send, edit or remove multiple campagins in real-time

Generate sales and receive money instantly

View reports and analytics

For Mobile Shoppers

Search for deals around your current location or anywhere in the world and get competitive pricing on any products or services.
Request custom deals on-demand from anywhere and reach multiple businesses simultaneously at any time.
A list of limited-time specials and exclusive offers happening around you right now.
Not ready to purchase? Save the offers and deals you want and buy or use them at a later date.
View all your purchased deals and gift cards from businesses right here.
Find your friends on the app or invite them to download it and start sharing deals. You can even chat with them, right in the app.
We’ll store all your deal requests right here so you don’t have to remember anything.
Have a question? Start a conversation and socially interact with a business.
See a business you like? Just add it to your favorites.

Key Components

Geo-Broadcast Platform: Easy-to-use, two way, one-to-many, live, on-demand mobile appplications.

Consumer App
Available on Android and iOS Devices
Business App
Available on Android Devices and Web Browsers

The T.I.T.A.N. Engine: “Technologically Intuitive Targeted Ad Network”, a patented Machine-Learning Artificially Intelligent Geo-targeted push media system capable of delivering billions of granular digital display and video ads.

Intellectual Property Assets: Include trade secret technology, trademarked branding, copyrights, and 100 claims in patents granted including U.S. Pat. Nos. 9,288,617, 9,420,422, 9,571,969 and others pending

Market Landscape

The State of Advertising

Digital is the future of advertising.

As of this year, digital will have overtaken TV, Radio and Print as the most significant advertising channel in terms of spends, and mobile is the fastest growing medium of this multi-billion dollar industry.

The use of location information is changing marketing. “Location is King” due to the fact that geolocation based services create a more relevant experience for users, and a boost in conversions for businesses.

"Consumers want personalization; they want a frictionless journey as they move between channels and devices; and they want experiences that improve and enhance their day-to-day lives. Mobile is now the extension of a retailer’s storefront, and tactics using location allow brands to send tailored, personalized messages to the consumer."
- Forbes
1.61 Billion
People Purchasing via E-commerce Worldwide
$1.915 Trillion
Total Value of Global E-Commerce Market in 2016 (in US $)
Average Annual E-Commerce Revenue per User in 2016 (in US $)

Our Team

Experienced, proven management team with more than 200 years combined of experience & success in internet technology and development

Frank Rice
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President

Sean Casey
Chief Intellectual Property Attorney

Joshua Campbell
Senior Developer

Thomas Stein
Senior Developer

Joseph Testa
Chief Technical Officer


March 2016: Granted mobile communications and geotargeting patent no. 9,288,617

August 2016: Strengthened intellectual property assets with patent no. 9,420,422

October 2016: Proprietary real-time mobile marketing and sales platform with direct messaging went live

October 2016: SMBs began signing up for service plans

February 2017: Intellectual property assets continued to grow with with patent no. 9,571,969


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