Our Mission

We set out to provide an affordable and easy to use mobile marketing platform that helps independent business owners get mobile customers and make more money.

About Us

Searchable.com is a Southern California Based technology, located a few minutes north of Los Angeles. Long before we even began developing our patented technology, our team recognized the abundant effort put forth by small and medium businesses (SMBs) to provide value and competitive pricing. These SMBs are the backbone of our economy, providing jobs and stability for the communities we all live in.

While we recognize the tremendous effort put forth by SMBs, we also noticed the uneven playing field on which they compete with larger businesses everyday. In today’s digitally focused landscape, advertising has become more technical and complex, not to mention more expensive. Companies with large budgets can further solidify their competitive advantages by dominating the digital advertising space.

Searchable.com set out to provide an affordable solution for SMBs by creating a unique mobile advertising and shopping platform that enables these businesses to compete in the mobile shopping marketplace. Our team knew at the same time the platform must deliver unrivaled value, convenience and a powerful communication experience to mobile shoppers.

Searchable.com provides both of these solutions; mobile shoppers can download the consumer Android or iOS app, while businesses can easily get setup through the website or the business Android app. We look forward to supporting our community businesses and providing mobile shoppers the incentive to affordably support them as well.

Be a part of this revolutionary opportunity to support local businesses and allow our communities to thrive!