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In a world where mobile has become the dominant form of Communication and Commerce, users of all types are searching more for platforms that support the privacy of their personal information. empowers users to protect what data they wish to share with other users, businesses, brands and organizations. The platform allows users to use Geo-Targeted technology without any expense and does not sell user data.

We believe in providing mobile users the experience they deserve while supporting their privacy concerns and look forward to any input from users to improve their experience.

Users empowers users to control how their data is shared when connecting with others including businesses and organizations. Users are able to:
  • Create a free interactive, social profile
  • Share information, images and videos with friends and family
  • Geo-target requests for personalized deals from businesses
  • Receive customized offers from businesses and brands
  • Share deals and offers
  • Much, much more…


Organizations are provided a customized instance through our technology that functions like their own app within the platform. Any brand, enterprise or business can use the feature, which reduces the overhead cost of maintaining individual apps that most users will not keep. Each organization is enabled with a geo-targeted infrastructure, allowing hyper-local, direct to user communication. Communication within an organization is specific to that group, and organizations can be public so any one can join, private, which requires a request, or hidden where membership is by invitation only.

To set up an organization, please contact us.

Businesses provides businesses of any size an easy to use geo-targeted communication and marketing dashboard. With Searchable, businesses can:
  • Create unlimited coupons, deal vouchers and gift cards
  • Publish offers directly to mobile shoppers in any geo-targeted area
  • Instantly share offers on profile and on social media networks
  • Manage and edit multiple campaigns in real-time
  • Communicate with new and future customers
  • Generate commission-free sales
  • Much, much more…

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