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We are always working very hard to continue providing the best advances in mobile marketing for your business. We believe you deserve the same opportunities that the largest of companies have so you can effectively compete for new customers. We made sure you have access to a full spectrum of marketing features so you can grab every opportunity to grow your business. With our easy to use Geo-Broadcast features, you can promote to mobile shoppers in any area, at any time. Geo-Broadcasting is a great way to deliver limited-time specials, flash deals or upcoming sales.

Our Broadcast features allow you to:

  • Geobroadcast any messages or deals
  • Broadcast now or schedule for later
  • Promote offers all day long
  • Geofence around your business
  • Geotarget around your competitors
  • Send multiple broadcasts every month

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Here at Searchable we are passionate about you and the success of your business. We developed the Searchable platform to help you effectively and affordably promote your business to mobile shoppers. You have the freedom of choice to create exclusive offers to grow your business, on your terms. There is no one taking a commission of your sales and we wanted to make sure you receive your money quickly without waiting. At sign up, your business will be instantly approved for a free e-Merchant Processing Account so you can start selling to mobile shoppers immediately.

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  • Create unlimited offers
  • Share deals on social media
  • Chat in real-time with customers
  • Sell direct to mobile shoppers
  • Receive a free e-Merchant Account
  • View and monetize visitor traffic

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Mobile Shoppers

A free, fun and easy-to-use geotargeted on-demand shopping app. Get your own custom deals from multiple businesses simultaneously, in any area, at any time!

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An affordable, easy-to-use geofencing and flexible geotargeting mobile marketing platform. Promote competitive offers to mobile shoppers, in any area, at any time!

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Available on Android Devices and Web Browsers

Finally! A Level Playing Field

Years ago we were told the internet would create a level playing field for all to prosper; well that didn’t happen. Over time we watched local businesses and the communities they serve suffer from aggressive competition by large entities, leaving them no room to compete.

We had enough and made the decision to do what is in the best interest for local businesses. Now Searchable provides them the opportunity to compete on a level playing field.

We believe strongly in our mission to support local businesses and the communities they serve. Yes, the same ones all of us live in.

Join us in our journey to support local businesses, making our communities a better place to live!

Frank Rice, Founder