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Search. Shop. Save. is a fresh, new and exciting way to connect with the local businesses in your community. Nostalgic for the days when we, as consumers, could interact directly with our local merchants, we strive to build relationships that helped build the same communities we live in today. brings back those same values with today's technology by delivering to consumers and local businesses an easy-to-use platform encouraging interaction in a real-time free service app. Let's reconnect with our local business owners, build relationships again and watch our communities thrive like they should because they are the places in which we all live, work and play! wants you to engage with businesses in your community and the businesses in your community to engage with you. Everyone benefits from the social and commercial interaction with local businesses; they fuel our communities throughout the world. delivers an extensive business directory in the palm of your hands, capable of providing you with local business information as well as on-demand discounted gift card deals in real time from the places you love most and new places yet to be discovered.