An Evolution In Mobile Commerce

What is Searchable?

A One-to-Many, Two-Way, Geo-Broadcasting eCommerce platform, bridging local businesses and mobile shoppers directly together, all in Real-Time!

The platform allows local businesses to offer competitive pricing without paying a commission-based service.

The mobile app lets shoppers request a customized deal they want, on-demand.

This empowers local businesses and mobile shoppers to be in total control without a middle man!

The Searchable Solution

For Businesses

Socially interact with new and future customers

Create and deliver competitive offers to mobile shoppers anywhere in the world

Targeted Broadcasts - send, edit or remove multiple campagins in real-time

Generate sales and receive money instantly

View reports and analytics

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Mobile Shoppers

A free, fun and easy-to-use geotargeted on-demand shopping app. Get your own custom deals from multiple businesses simultaneously, in any area, at any time!

Consumer App
Available on Android and iOS Devices

Business Owners

An affordable, easy-to-use geofencing and flexible geotargeting mobile marketing platform. Promote competitive offers to mobile shoppers, in any area, at any time!

Business App
Available on Android Devices and Web Browsers