All-Encompassing, Interactive, Location Based

Multimedia Communication Platform.

Searchable serves as a singular point of access, providing simplicity, variety and transparency, while eliminating the need to download and use a multitude of apps for different purposes.

For Businesses
For Shoppers

Technical Specs

Searchable is a mobile-first platform built upon a patented communication and geo-targeted marketing infrastructure. This infrastructure uses three-dimensional grid-based mapping, facilitating the surgically precise delivery of relevant and personalized multimedia content. The technology also employs machine learning to provide a customized experience to each and every individual using the app.

Searchable is available to individuals as a mobile app, and to businesses online and on mobile devices.


Thank you for your service, now it’s our turn

Searchable is proud to provide our interactive, multimedia communication app for free to all veterans, and the greater veteran community.

We wanted to simplify the way veterans sought out relevant information, and the way veteran organizations communicated with their members. Most importantly, we wanted to do so while protecting your personal information by giving you control over organization's access to that information.

For Shoppers

Searchable simplifies the mobile shopping experience by providing a single point of access to a wide variety of industries, products and services. Mobile shoppers are able to:
  • Create an  ad free social profile
  • Request personalized deals from multiple local businesses
  • Receive customized offers from businesses, brands and organizations
  • Share local deals and offers with friends and family
  • Control your personal information
  • Much, much more…


Organizations are provided a customized instance of the technology, which functions like their own app within the platform. This feature can be used by any brand, enterprise or business.

These organizations are enabled with the same geo-targeted infrastructure, allowing hyper-local, direct to user communication. All communication within an organization is restricted to that closed group, however organizations themselves can be public so any one can join, private which requires a request, or hidden where membership is by invitation only.

To set up an organization, please contact us.

For Businesses

Our technology was developed to provide local, independent business owners across the country access to location based marketing tools that are typically either too expensive, or too technical, for most owners to pursue. With Searchable, businesses can:
  • Create unlimited coupons, deal vouchers and gift cards
  • Share offers on profile and other social media networks
  • Broadcast offers or messages directly to mobile shoppers in geo-targeted areas
  • Manage, edit multiple campaign in real-time
  • Communicate with new and future customers, answering custom requests
  • Generate commission-free sales

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