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Locate and interact with local businesses in real-time and negotiate your own deal with the Searchable app. It’s the only app that allows you to request on-demand discounted gift card deals and savings from businesses near you. Whether you are looking for a deal or a new adventure, Searchable's app is the perfect place to start.

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Browse nearby offers and hot deals from local businesses. Don't see what you’re looking for? Just tap to shout your customized request to an entire community of businesses that can socially interact and respond to your request in real-time. One to multiple businesses can accept or modify your request at their discretion, essentially bidding for your business. All live, all in real-time!

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When you find a deal you like and an agreement is struck, you and the business are free to message each other, ask further questions or plan on a day to retrieve or utilize the deal. It’s that simple. Get exclusive offers and negotiate custom deals, all while saving money and supporting local business growth.

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Only Searchable's apps have the exclusive patented technology that allows you to shout out a request to businesses in a selected area. Looking for a deal just got easier. You can shout out your request to an entire business community and they can reach out to you directly, providing you with that exclusive deal you’re looking for.

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Searchable brings you exclusive local deals and the ability to connect you directly with businesses.

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Only with Searchable's patented technology are you able to request deals from businesses around you. Yes, that's right! Negotiating a deal has never been so simple. You can negotiate a deal directly with a business or ask surrounding businesses for a deal. Our easy to use mobile app gives you direct access to an entire community of businesses.

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Once you find the perfect deal, you simply tap to purchase your negotiated deal. You can then redeem your deal with the business.

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Create your secure account, search, communicate and request deals all from your mobile phone!

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With a tap, your purchases are stored in your secure account.

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Review your offers or approve a personalized deal with a tap. Your transactions are securely processed using encrypted payments and are ready for immediate use.

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Simply present the saved exclusive deal to the business in order to redeem your offer.

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Just enter your mobile number to download the Searchable mobile app.

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